Among The Sleep – PS4


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Among the Sleep is a horror game, played in first person from the perspective of a two year old child. The child wakes up in the middle of a dark and scary night and starts looking for mommy. This is not a simple task as the house is full of scary sounds and strange shadows in the closets. Solve puzzles, hide from monsters and waddle your way through your big house to get to safety. But most importantly, don't forget to squeeze your teddy when the creepy sounds scare you. Experience the house through the eyes of a toddler. Sound design that adds to the creepy atmosphere and scariness of the house at night. Your teddy will accompany you so you can squeeze when you're scared of the dark! Find the memories you share with your mommy to find her "Terrifying and unmissable"-Polygon "…beautiful and heartbreaking…" – The Guardian "…exceptionally tense…" – Edge

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